How To Beat Stage Fright



One of the key features of a showman – whether a musician, comedian, public speaker or a magician – is stage presence. All of the pros know that. Have you seen a showman recently? They look comfortable on stage!

But, when people – and they ask this question all the time – ask for advice about how to overcome stage fright, they always get the same vague, canned answers. Breath slowly, Do weird warming ups just seconds before entering on stage, telling yourself that “you aren’t nervous”… I have even read that some people were recommended to drink alcohol!

Reading all those posts made me sick in the stomach.

Almost literally.


The solution?

It’s actually quite easy.

But sadly most people have gotten it all wrong.

So let me clear a couple of myths first!

  • Warming up before a show helps overcoming stage fright: This has usually the opposite Have you ever heard that it doesn’t work to study a lesson the moment before an exam? Well, it’s true, and for the same reasons. You won’t retain any information, and worst of all, you will transmit that feeling of an unprofessional and unprepared show to your booker!
  • Tell yourself that “you are not nervous” helps: Well, let’s start that this is just lying to yourself. You are nervous! Blocking a feeling is never a good idea, and people who do that are like a bomb with a timer. You never know when they are going to explode! You don’t want to be one of those people. Your solution has to be reliable. But there is a way to change that feeling instead of blocking it…
  • It’s a good idea to drink a little bit prior to the show: Don’t get me started on this one… This is only a good advice if you want to be a pathetic, alcoholic, clumsy performer.

Here is the how to vanish stage fright from its source:

The origin of stage fright is anxiety.

Anxiety is holding you back, it is what is making you fear a stage, it is responsible for your mistakes, it is turning what you love doing into something hard and unpleasant.

Whether you are a musician, a public speaker, a magician, a comedian… You love what you do. You love to practice. So why do you have to hate the moment that you should be enjoying the most? It’s not fair.

Now you know the source of the problem. Now you just need to know…


  1. Perform on a weekly basis: Stage fright will disappear eventually just like that. In a couple of months you will laugh at your past fears, and you will be a really good performer. This will be very easy for you if you start with a short show, and go to pubs with open mic nights. You will be surprised on how fast you learn and improve.
  2. Practice the right way: You don’t have to practice all day, just practice right. Most people don’t know how to routine their practice sessions and that ends with a lot of wasted time, which turns into a lack of confidence.
  3. Turn your anxiety into excitement: Those two feelings are so close that are almost the same, with the difference that anxiety is negative and excitement is positive, and really helpful if you are a showman. It will keep you sharp, focused, and ready for anything.


Seriously. No complicated methods or weird exercises or any of that. Just 3 basic steps and a focused mind and you can be a top performer, too!

If you follow my steps, you can build a successful career performing what you like most. You will be able to actually make a living as a top performer!

But I’m not done yet:

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